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At Peaceful Payback, we pride ourselves on providing loan amounts you can Peacefully Payback as well as, financial education for all.


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In-person and online with loan needs, financial education, jobs, and being the company that believes in giving back to each client

Peaceful Payback Credit Score Information

All clients start with a credit score of 100. The determining factors of raising the credit score to the max of 300 depends on: paying back on time, paying back early, paying back late, rolling over, only being able to pay the amount of interest, how often they borrow, classes attended, PP events attended, filling out surveys and providing feedback, purchase of book, accessories and getting other services. 

Paying on time (no more than 3 days): +5 points 

Paying back early (# of days in advance): +5 to +15 points 

Paying back late (# of days late): -5 to -15 points 

Rolling over (interest+loan amount and borrowing back): +15 points Paying back only interest (no other choice but to rollover):-5 points How often they borrow (daily, monthly, yearly/attempts to): +10,+5,+2 Attempts to borrow over their limit (frequency):-10 points 

Classes Attended (Seminars, Speaking, Etc):+25 points 

PP Events Attended (Appreciation events, Etc):+15 points 

Filling out surveys (providing feedback/how often you do):+10 points Purchase of book/accessories:+10 points 

Participation in other services (consulting, advising, investing, budgeting, tax  preparation, how tos of real estate, wellness checks, social services):+40 points 

Following Up (keeping the line of communication open, calling to inform/ make aware  or returning calls for reasons of anything- stage in life, finances, needs or goals:+25  points 

Frequency of services utilized (every time/often, sometimes, rarely): +20,+10,+5

Credit Score Scale 

Frequency of Credit Scores Change: Credit Scores are measured monthly for each  


100 – 150 = okay
200 – 250 = good
250 – 300 = excellent

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