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Budgeting Service 

Hello and welcome to Peaceful Paybacks Budgeting Service. Here we can meet all of your financial goals through budgeting that will require you to do disciplined spending as well as saving but we will follow you every step of the way to ensure you meet your goals as our  Founder Miracle Sheppard did in being able to make, save and put away her own lump sum in the record time of 1 year. Sign up today! 

PP’s budgeting services are us helping clients keep more and more money in their pockets and  be wise spenders. We do this in a variety of ways: helping loan clients budget their loans using  our calendar system program, helping all clients with the principles of saving and spending  through helping them find cheaper but just as effective alternatives which is defined as our  general extensive budgeting plan that views each client one by one, and our general budgeting  plan that gives broad advice on what to easily cut down on. 

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Calendar loan budgeting: $5 a month for existing clients and $20 a month for all others General extensive budgeting planning:$15/a session 

General budgeting planning: $5/a month 


Tues and Wednesday 10am-1pm 

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