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“God Pronounced Presence” A written Memoir by the owner Miracle Sheppard


Book Signing and Talk to the Author Dates:

11/19/21 from 6:30-8:30pm
12/10/21 from 6:30-8:30pm
01/14/22 from 6:30-8:30pm
Address: 1511 Life Ave Dallas, TX,75212

Hello you are invited to the book signing for God Pronounced Presence written
by the author Miracle Sheppard who is also the founder and sole principal owner
of Peaceful Payback LLC. This book tells the background of how her company
got started in her struggle with a horrible chronic illness. God gave her the
desires of her heart when she conquered this chronic illness in the name of
Jesus Christ. Please purchase a book when arriving, or in making a preorder
purchase while supplies last. Please RSVP 24 hours in advance. Also be sure to
call to preorder a book or for any other questions.

Book price-$20

*Note- If books run out there is always the option to pre-purchase them at the
in person events so when the next shipment arrives your book will be set aside
for you to either come pick it up or for us to hand deliver it to you.
*However there will be more in person events in the future where you can purchase them as

Peaceful Payback speaking services has a wide range of meaningful subjects it speaks on, can, judging from the CEO and founder’s experience at just her young age of 23.

The topics that are included in them are in the subjects of business, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, real estate, topics of discussion ,and getting in tune with God in your business.

Topics Experienced in the Founders New Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Journey as Teen to a Young Adult
  • Having patience
  • Forgiving 
  • Trusting 
  • Everything works for the good of God 
  • Earthly angels sent to me 
  • Enduring 
  • First getting diagnosed
  • Being introduced to God 
  • The school struggle 
  • The devil seizing my voice 
  • What the devil took from me 
  • The dreams spiritual dreams I experienced 
  • The struggle to find the true religion 
  • First going to IBOC 
  • Night that I got my healing 
  • Trying to fill the void I felt 
  • Homosexuality I experienced 
  • The bullying I went through in school 
  • The hospital stays I experienced 
  • The MS treatments I had to take 
  • The week long not being able to go to sleep 
  • The counselors I went to 
  • The relapses I had  
  • The non- support I got from my school 
  • The separation of friends 
  • How I felt with lesions of my brain and more coming 
  • How I got my business 
  • What lead up to my destiny 
  • The love of God 
  • My trip to Jamaica 
  • Watching the Black Panther movie 
  • Going through useless spending of name brands 
  • Working out 
  • Wanting to die 
  • Losing my straight thinking 
  • The effects of stress 
  • Finding hope 
  • Taking many medicines 
  • Trip to Houston
  • Lady Gaga Concert
  • Living the 23rd Psalms
  •  Required to silence
  •  Losing to win
  •  Temptation
  • sMy now became learning disability 
  • Vanity
  • Loving myself
  • Depression
  • Spiritual awakenings and dreams 
  • Therapies
  • Refusing treatment
  • The skin I’m in
  • Practicing my leadership
  • Trip to Pinkston High
  • Parts of me the devil attacked 
  • Walking on water
  • Trailblazing
  • Swag on my MS
  • Pseudo Bar-Bar
  • Love life
  • My love to write
  • Fighting bullying
  • My discovery of religions
  • My love of speaking
  • My memoir
  • Challenge of my faith
  • Side effects of steroids and medicine
  • My determination to get my education
  • Learning humility
  • Playing lacrosse
  • Learning my roots
  • Living the life at the age of 10 minus
  • Paranoia
  • Suicide attempts
  • Interning at the Bank of America
  • The Year Up Program
  • Toastmasters
  • Humor in the hospital
  • Love of my family
  • Beauty in the struggle
  • Joy I found in music
  • Spiritual books that spoke to me
  • Discrimination I experienced that was contradictory to the situation of the woman my school was named after
  • Going to college
  • Tutoring
  • Being anointed
  • Trip to aunt’s house after getting healed
  • Topics Experienced by the Founder when Opening her Business:
  • The writing of my book
  • Getting a relationship with God
  •  Persecution
  • Isolation
  • I was my sister’s keeper Insensitivity of DISD
  • Positive thinking
  • Skills to help me cope 
  • Reaching my first 100K 
  • Flashbacks
  • Knowing how much to stand 
  • Reasoning with my gut feeling 
  • Being spirit lead
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Learning to pray right
  • Trying alcohol
  • Trying to smoke
  • Being a chicken-naterian
  • Meeting my mom’s other kids 
  • People that inspired me

Health and Wellness:

  • • Staying Well with a chronic illness
  • • Healthy eating
  • • Exercise Routine

Topics Experienced by the Founder when Opening her Business: 

  • Becoming a pioneer of something completely new 
  • Getting my first two rental properties at age 20 
  • My SCORE mentor

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