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Peaceful Paybacks’ Patent Drafting is something that the founder Miracle Sheppard with the guidance of God, first did with drafting her own patent before going to a patent attorney. She took her time and did all the needed extensive research to know what should be included in it. 

Peaceful Paybacks’ Patent Drafting service is us helping you with your idea and formulating it into the correct format into a patent draft that will help you get your idea patented whether by yourself or with a patent attorney which we can refer you to. It will help you make sense of the idea in your mind and have the ability to be formatted correctly. We will help you in every step of the way that we can stretch ourselves to. Our patent services will teach on the policies and procedures of the idea, help you draft the final draft of the patent application with our separate cost template,  help you draft out the needed drawings with our drawings template, and in the end it will help the draft make sense to an attorney or aid you in getting the patent done independently. 

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Help in drafting:$30/hr 

Instruction on policies and procedures: $10 

Template for patent draft:$30 

Template for drawings:$20 

Referral to patent lawyers: $10 

Group setting class:$50 



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